Former director of Tigre De Cristal goes to Cyprus

Craig Ballantyne, formerly Director of Tigredecristal casino, accepted Lawrence Ho's offer regarding the integration of the new casino resort on the island of Cyprus.

Craig Ballantyne casino crystal. In his interview with journalists, he noted positive demand for this kind of gambling house due to stable weather and tourists' constant interest. The development of Primorye Craig Ballantyne also responded positively by saying that the resort has moved into a phase of active development. It is adding that everything that is currently under construction and developing in this gambling zone has all chances of success due to its advantageous location.

Of what should be improved, in his opinion, is the transparency of the regulatory framework. For example, it is unnecessary to show all time passport, identification, and age over 18 years.

Help about Lawrence Ho

Lawrence Ho is the youngest and only son of businessman Stanley Ho, the Macau resort owner. The Chinese Marketing Association awarded him the "5th China Enterprise Award for Creative businessmen" award.