They are against the elimination of Azov city

Who exactly and against what? Thus, there is a law "on state regulation of activities on the organization and conduct of gambling and on amendments to certain legislative acts of the Russian Federation". According to it, each region can include only 1 gambling zone. However, after the amendments to the law, Sochi and Crimea were introduced as places where land casinos can build. It follows from this that the already existing zone "Azov-city" should be closed.

Liquidation of azov city. Naturally, the people of Krasnodar region were against such a decision. Yet this zone already exists, as well as the workplaces where the locals work. Now on the site you can find a petition addressed to several ministries and Russia Vladimir Putin's president in particular. Don't forget that you always can play online in the Tigre De cristal casino. The author of the petition, Evgeny Popov, believes that these amendments to the law result from the lobbying of individual investors and does not take into account the rights and opinions of the public.